Who are we?

Allboutshale is a website dedicated to the un-conventional oil industry which aims to facilitate, develop and disseminate the scientific knowledge about the shale industry.

The website is being written and designed by Emanuel Martin a Petroleum Engineer graduated from the National University of Cuyo in Argentina.

What is our objective?

Turn into an interactive website with a high level of technical and scientific knowledge about the industry, which serves as a reference handbook for students, engineers, researchers, companies and Government agencies.

How is the website constituted?

Shale Handbook Structure

It's composed by four sections:

1-Shale Basic knowledge (Introduction):

What is a shale?

What is a hydraulic Fracturing?

Where is the gas stored?

How to evaluate a Shale Play?

2-Actual Production (monthly shale Gas and oil production):

U.S. Dry Shale Gas Production

U.S. Tight Oil Production

Argentina Shale Production

Canada Shale Production

China Shale Production

3-Global Resources: technical reports about each shale play in the world.

Stage I US shale plays

Barnett, Eagle Ford, Barnett-Woodford, Woodford , Marcellus, Fayetteville, Bakken, Antrim, Haynesville , Utica,+

Stage II: Canada, China and Argentina

Stage III: UK, Mexico, Libya, Russia, etc.

4-Environmental Regulations: environmental laws in force in each country.

Shale Library: Paper & Research,web library constituted by research and papers of the shale industry.

It’s organized into six sections:

Flow mechanics, Reservoir simulation, Fracture simulation, PVT, Adsortion, Others

Currently it has 41 papers specialized in the industry and a great list for upload.

Job Section

Actually it’s a Job meta search between shale oil companies

Next: job posting for shale companies

Objective: to facilitate the labour insertion.

What do we need to continue?

To date has not received any economical support or donation so I'm developing it in my free time while I'm working as a tours seller.

1 ) Economic support:

Donations, Sponsors, Advertising

University Scholarship for the development of the project.

2) Access to US shale plays database (or membership)

3) Donation of a laptop for web design

How much money do we want to achieve?

Through donations from different companies and institutions we seek to raise 15,000USD for the developed of the first step.

Any amount of money help me.

How will I use your money?

With the funds received I will stop working in the tours sale and will spend all my time in

Conclude stage 1 of the Shale Handbook: US Shale Plays.

Develop step 1 of the Tools section: Tangential momentun acomodation (α), Knundsen number (Kn), Apparent permeability (Kapp).

Continue building the papers library.

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